• The Battle of Hastings

    In September of 2013, Ultimate Paintball Events managed to secure the facilities at Splash Planet ...

Paintball 101

Welcome to the NZP8NT forums, and welcome to paintball! If you’re new to this awesome and varied sport, read on for info on where to go, what to do and what to get to get started. NZP8NT is a community for NZ paintballers where we talk about (and drool over) gear, news and events in […]

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Music makes the (paintball) world go round

Paintball at its heart, is a visual sport. From the colourful jerseys of the tournament players, through to the smoke of the hardcore MilSim crews – down to the orbs of paint we fling at each other by their thousands, there is a visual impact. Video has always been the channel by which players have […]

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Sunday Drivers

Sunday Drivers [2002]

Sunday Drivers was released at the 2002 World Cup by Monkey With A Gun.  Featuring music One of the most iconic parts of the movie was the opening scene with Matt Marshall walking up the beach. Probably one of the most quoted speeches in paintball history, most who play tournaments know it by heart.

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Interview: Rik Goldsworthy

The Saints had attended the US “Huntington Beach” event in March. The first NZ team to attend an overseas event of this caliber. I was able to catch up with Rik at the Wellington event a few weeks later. 1. Rik, what are your views in general of the Huntington Beach tournament? It was the […]

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Interview: Evil Factory

I was able to catch up with Evil Factory, a US team which traveled to New Zealand to play in the X-Cess Wellington Event in Easter 2004 and ask them a few questions. John Dresser was the team spokesman for most of these questions. 1. So how many of your 7 man team have actually […]

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The Evolution of the Sport

I started playing paintball back in the early 1980’s when it first hit New Zealand, and have played pretty solidly since then. I had my first game on my 13th birthday, and March 2004 marks my 20th year in the sport. Growing up as part of the paintball community in this country, and globally since […]

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Bob Long Intimidator (Classic) Review

by Anthony Bold This marker was owned by Ian ‘Beaker’ Miller, who writes for PGI , and upgraded by him, before selling to me, recently. Well i’ll start by saying that Intimidators/Timmys, are functionally similar to most other paintmarkers used by tournament players, in that they have a ram/hammer that is driven by air from […]

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Hawkes Bay Triples (2004)

By Pete Mumby 4.oo am Saturday Morning, heading over to pick up Boog and Chuckles, GPS are heading to Hawke’s Bay for the famous HB triples. THE FIELD This field was made up of plastic meter squares and 44 gallon drums, it had a very interesting shape to the field ,with a triangular configuration to […]

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Hamilton VComp 2004 Interviews

MacDev Factory Team Captain: Blobby from Queensland, Australia. Team Consists of: 4 Australians & 3 New Zealanders. The team got together on the Thursday before the event, and had otherwise never played together. This being the case, they gave an exceptional show of themselves, coming first overall in the Hamilton VComp 2004 event. Blobby was […]

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Hamilton 2004 – Vcomp

After a few early concerns about attending teams, and some players and teams in a bit of a flap about the lack of information available before the event, the Hamilton Event kicked off without incident on 10 January 2004… and Wow, what an event it was. Hamilton is some 120km south of Auckland, and roughly […]

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